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Now I Get It January 18, 2011

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As a kid, a certain relative of mine (who’s name shall not be used in order to protect person’s privacy) used a specific saying in order to dissuade the laziness that occurs in all children.  I don’t think that I, alone, was ever the target of this saying, but I do recall my brothers receiving its wisdom at necessary times.  The saying is, “Get off your coon dog ass.”  Fairly simple and to the point.  I’ve always liked the picture this saying paints in one’s mind.  As a child I had not ever seen an actual coondog (more accurately called a coonhound), but as a resident of southside VA, I have been privy to almost daily sightings of these canines.  I’ve actually known a few of them rather well.  And yes, they are quite lazy.  Unless they’re chasing after a deer.  But that’s another story.

On a whim, I roused my older children from bed one particularly late morning with the familiar, “Get off you coon dog ass.”  Or maybe it was asses.  Anyway, Jonathan has decided that these words are to his extreme liking.  Now every morning he goes to his sister’s warm, quiet room, opens the door, and yells, “Hey, Madeline, get off your coon dog ass!” 

Yes, for the moment, we will allow that kind of talk. 


One Response to “Now I Get It”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    OH man do I remember that saying! I think we could create a website dedicated to such quotes! Now as I was alone for the end of my high school career, I have some select ones that belong only to me, nuggets like “Michael, Jayson, Julie, dammit Kristine, ALISON!” and as the baby and a rather creative, um, miscreant I also got plenty of ‘I just dont know what to do with you. You arent like any of the others!” That one I did actually like! I think for Christmas one year we should get together and make a family lexicon. Oh what fun we could have…..

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