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Friday Favorite January 21, 2011

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I think I’ll post a favorite thing (or two) of mine every Friday.  It’ll be something that I really love.

This week’s Friday favorite will be my rocking chair.  I know it’s not much to look at but I love the story of how it came to be mine and it is SO comfy.

Favorite chair, favorite lamp, favorite corner.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, Bill and I bought a cheapo glider rocker from Montgomery Wards.  It was okay to use, but because I’m short, my feet didn’t touch the ground very well while rocking.  The chair also developed a terrible clickety-clack noise that could not be fixed.  I continued using it through baby #2, and even lent it to a few friends for several years.  Then I was pregnant with baby #3.

This baby, who would become Jon, was due in February.  So at Christmas time Bill and the kids surprised me with a new La-Z-Boy chair from the “house of chairs.”  That’s the name Madeline and Jack used for the La-Z-Boy store.  As in, “Ohhh, house of chairs.  Can we go?!”  Unbeknownst to be, they had gone chair shopping and asked for “the most comfortable chair for a rocking/nursing mom.”  This is what they got.  I know it’s not much to look at (Years later Bill’s grandma bought the EXACT same chair!)  but you’ve just got to sit in it!  So comfy, the arms are at a nice level, the rocking motion is so smooth, and my feet can sit flat on the ground.  I spent much time in this chair, rocking my pregnant self, and then rocking a baby Jon.  Bill has been known to utilize the recliner aspect of this chair, and take a nap in it!  Chair thief.

I have a sweet, little side table (a gift from my in-laws, picked up at an antique store in Warrenton, NC) on which to set a drink or a book (or a KINDLE!) that I keep next to the chair, loaded with books and magazines.  Might be a Sesame Street book or two as well.  On the table sits my favorite lamp.  It is a double-shaded “Gone With the Wind” style lamp that was my Grandmas.  I remember it in the “Pink Room” where I would sleep while visiting her. 

So here’s my favorite corner in my house.  I’ve rocked around the world, probably 3 times at least, in this chair.


One Response to “Friday Favorite”

  1. Grandma Says:

    La-Z-Boy chairs are much more comfortable than Amish chairs. They must want you up working.

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