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20 Months January 26, 2011

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Today Sarah turns 20 months old. Getting awfully close to 2.  Maybe a little too close for this Mama. 

 Sarah loves to sort laundry, naming each clothing articles owner as she sorts.  She is a climbing monkey who can jump, spin, and stomp on command.  Her vocabulary is growing daily.  She is a good eater whose favorite food is fried eggs.  Every morning she eats 1 fried egg (with a broken yolk) and one piece of toast with peach jam. 

Sarah is the best baby ever (sorry Mad.) and has even started asking to be put in her bed when she’s tired.  Seriously, she will let me rock with her for just a very few minutes and then say, “Bed?”.  She sleeps in her crib with her lambskin, called “cozy-cozy”, her stuffed elephant, and her taggie pillows.  She is an index finger-sucker, just like my sister was.

Sister Baby probably needs a haircut, as her fine, fuzzy hair is always flopping in her face.  And she won’t keep any ponytails or barrettes in place.  She does like to wear hats.  Sarah thinks that all buttons on clothing are “Barb buttons” referring to the ginormous bag of old buttons given to me by Grandma Barb many years ago. 

My little techy baby loves to “talk” on the phone, play with the Wii, and Skype on the computer.  She tries to touch and kiss the computer screen when Skyping.  Sometimes she’ll walk by the computer and say, “Call?”  and I don’t have the heart to ever tell her no.

I’m sure that there are plenty of obnoxious things that Sarah does that I’m forgetting.  But today, I will only think of the good things.  She is really such a sweet thing who is so contented and easy.  She fits into our family perfectly.

Showing her slippers.

Eating breakfast this morning.

Building with treeblocks.


3 Responses to “20 Months”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Aw, so sweet. Sister Baby is adorable and I love hearing about her days. Asking to go to bed! Love it.

    Miss you guys. Great to get a glimpse.

  2. Aunt Alison Says:

    AWWWW! She sucks her finger like me! I love it! I can’t believe how much they ALL have grown… it kinda makes me feel old! I wish you guys were closer so I could get to know them all better! Since I have a computer now, i am going to download Skype so I can see everyone again. Hope all is well in the East!

  3. Grandma Says:

    She looks awfully perfect to us. So are you Madeline.

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