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Favorite Things Friday January 28, 2011

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This is my favorite place for our family to gather.  Since our house is small, especially considering there are six people living in this space, it’s really the only area that will fit us all.  I’m glad that the windows let in plenty of light during the day.  We’ve filled the room with cozy chairs, an overstuffed sofa, and many pillows and blankets so there’s always a comfortable place to sit.  We keep baskets of books and magazines situated near every chair.  You’ll probably find a knitting bag somewhere in the mix too.  We have an overhead light to illuminate especially dark nights, but there are several lamps about the room to offer a more muted, soft light.   We gather in this room every evening to read the Bible (our plan is to read through in a year), talk, or spin a few records (courtesy of DJ Mom).  During the day, we might just sit in there to read or knit.  Some of us might even prefer this space for a nap.   This is a happy, comfortable spot that the whole family loves. 

Sofa and CB rocker.

Sarah, in her chair in the living room.


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