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What We’re Doing Wednesday February 2, 2011

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I won’t bore you with school details this week because not much has changed in the lineup.  Here’s some fun stuff that we’re working on today:

Early morning bread baking. With a springish tablecloth because Phil did NOT see his shadow.


A new Wii game that must be conquered.


A battle that seems to be overtaking my house.


A rain day for dad. A saw day for Jack. A broken mill for all.


It was almost 70 degrees here today so we spent much of the afternoon outside.  I cut back most of the roses, trimmed back the jasmine, and probably ensured that I’ll be sore for the next few days.


One Response to “What We’re Doing Wednesday”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    So jealous of your weather! At least you have a good reason for being sore! I kinda like being ‘gardening sore’ because at least there are visible results for why you hurt! Its been cold cold at night here (in the 20’s) and mid 50’s in the day…I am VERY ready for spring!

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