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Saturday February 5, 2011

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I usually set aside part of Saturday to make the trek to pick up my milk (from my Amish friend.  Are you jealous that you don’t have an Amish friend?) for the week.   Often times I’ll change the route we drive in order to see something different or, more importantly, to stop at a junk/antique/thrift shop along the way.  Today I found the mother of all junk shops.  Dirty, unorganized, and CHEAP!  My favorite.

Madeline went along today with the promise of a pit stop for coffee in Victoria VA and the possibility of vintage records just waiting to be discovered.  We checked out an antique mall in Victoria but had no luck.  A few miles later we stopped in Keysville VA.  This is where we found it:  The Tail-Waggers Thrift Store.  I used much self-restraint and only came out with 3 items.  Two cute, little ice cream dishes and this cookbook:

I bought this brand-spanking new cookbook for $2.50!  Look at the original price:

Can you see it? It says $27.95.

Now interestingly, I own an original, first edition of this same book.  A present from my Mom not long after I was married.

It's a little tattered and worn, but so well-used.


The date is 1950!

I’m glad to retire my original version from everyday use.  It will now just serve as an adorable decoration in the kitchen.

We had a nice time and brought home a few treasures–and some fresh milk.  A day well spent.


4 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. Mollie Says:

    Ha. I was driving the Amish around today.
    I need to remember to have you stop by on your Charlotte County run!!!!
    But my house was messy today, so it’s just as well you went antiquing.

    • Lucky! I’ve only driven once–and it was to the Amish store. I have your phone # but have been in a hurry each week so I haven’t called. Someday, I will be all leisurely and call! My house was messy when I left but clean when I arrived home. Do you ever go to that thrift shop?

  2. Mollie Says:

    I’ve been past it a lot, but never in.
    Do call. I could email you and beg you to come over, but I’d have to remember that you come up on Saturdays, and then remember that I was on the computer to email you and not get distracted by FB!
    Do you know my blog? http://www.providence-farm.blogspot.com

    • I read your blog! I love the new pictures of the baby goats. I’m coming to CCH on Saturdays now because Emma has milk for me that day–I prefer coming on Fridays though. I think she said that she would be losing a Friday milk customer soon so that would put me there on Fridays again. Confused? I will call though. We’d love to visit and see your animals. You can teach me how to make soap. Julie

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