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It’s That Time Again February 27, 2011

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Warmer weather and light that stays around later in the evenings makes the perfect combination for Spring Training.  A new mitt, a new bat, two new pairs of cleats (boys sure seem to grow a lot!), and a “better” pair of practice pants are ALL on our “must have” list for this week.  Yikes!  Practice starts this week.


One Response to “It’s That Time Again”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    I can send you Drew’s cleats from last year and the year before to see if Jon can wear them! I can’t imagine that Jack’s would fit him yet but I have Drew’s from the last 2 seasons. He is growing so fast that he can’t get more than 1 season out of them! I may also even have a nicely broken in mitt and an undersized (for Drew anyway!) bat, batting gloves, some pants etc! I keep it all cause I hate to throw away stuff that can still be used! There is always a kid or two up here who can’t afford the new stuff and as long as its not holey or stained, they’re usually glad to have it! I think grey and black pants are outgrown and grey has a hole (small) in the knee but would be great for practice! Let me know if you want any of it!

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