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Food March 30, 2011

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Eight, fuzzy, adorable chicks. Someone needs to keep the area vermin fed.

Sarah, with her new favorite toy: a pencil (blue or purple, please) and a piece of paper. She's writing about the new chickens in this picture. Been camped out next to them all morning.


Funny? Maybe. March 29, 2011

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So this evening I’m sitting in my chair, feet up, knitting.  Sarah walks over and starts messing with my feet, which are covered with a pair of ratty slippersocks.  I tell her, “Eww, yucky feet.”  She bends down and sniffs my feet and then VERY CLEARLY says, “Ewww, dog crap.”  Plain as day my baby said dog crap.  Madeline and I sat there, stunned and unable to process the words.  Then again Sarah says, “Yucky feet.  Dog crap.” 

Now I do believe that I can pinpoint the origin of those words.  Whilst vacuuming the house on Monday morning, Jack was complaining that my vacuum smelled like “dog crap.”  Then Madeline agreed with his assessment and said that her room now smelled like “dog crap”  because of the offensive vacuum.  I guess Sarah was paying attention. 

The vacuum very well could have smelled badly, though I’m not sure that the kids’ description was totally accurate.  I had washed all of the filters this weekend and (evidently) put the vacuum back together with damp, musty filters.  I’ll have to vacuum tomorrow and report back with an up to date smell report.


Soup’s On March 25, 2011

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Yesterday was a bad day.  Like a totally crap day.  I woke up to a chicken massacre in the yard.  Then both my dryer AND my clothesline broke.  And there were wet, clean clothes in the washer.  My refrigerator lightbulb burned out and then my bathroom light burned out.  My car is making a clunking noise and there was no food in the house (or so I was told).  I yelled at the kids too much and was generally an impatient witch all day long.  Even into the night.  I was not looking forward to waking up this morning.

But this was waiting for me:

Chicken-killing sucker.

Jack set his traps last night and caught this ENORMOUS raccoon.  I, armed with a club, walked down to him (the coon, not Jack) and explained that due to his appetite for fresh chicken, he would soon have to meet his demise.  He sat there patiently, blinking obstinately at me.  I told him that I didn’t appreciate his bad attitude.  And then Jack shot him.  I can’t say I was sad. 

I think I’ve lived here too long….


Covert Flower-Stealing Operation March 21, 2011

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Abandoned house?  Check.

Car running and ready to speed out of there?  Check.

Willing accomplices who can run fast?  Check.

Oh yeah.  We are THAT kind of family.  Now if we could only find an abandoned house that grew lilac bushes…..


Weekend (And Maybe a Few Other Days) March 20, 2011

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I spent a portion of the day yesterday helping a friend set up for a tag sale.  Good gracious what a tag sale it will be!  My “pay” for volunteering was a sweet (like sah-weeet, not sweet like cute) new ironing board.  Like the coolest ironing board EVER.  Totally worth the day’s work in order to iron in beauty, comfort, and style from now on.   Actually, I don’t know if ironing warrants any of those adjectives.  But, whatever. 

Today we wandered over to the pond across the field and spent the late morning throwing rocks in the water, catching peepers (spring frogs), and enjoying the spring sunshine.

First day of Spring!


Sarah signing "more, more" as in, "Give me more rocks to throw in the water."

Afore mentioned rocks.

The handiwork of Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, who live at the pond. They've been busy this winter.


We also spent the ides of March eating crazy bread at Little Caesar’s Pizza (get it, Caesar?) and St. Patrick’s Day making Irish soda bread and shamrock cookies.

Soda bread. Before baking, obviously.

Jon and I baked shamrock cookies while Sarah napped.

Jon lost a top tooth. Just waiting for the other one to fall out now. Notice the mild panic on his face. There was blood, you see, and he wasn't sure if that part was okay.


Where We’ve Been March 15, 2011

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We visited the National Quartermaster Museum in Petersburg last Thursday when Bill was off work (due to rainy weather).  This is the link:


I’ve asked to be called Mother Quartermaster from now on.  I’m in charge of the supplies necessary for this household, so I think it’s rather appropriate.

we made cheese

Pressing cheese.

Will let you know how it turns out in a few weeks after it’s aged.  My Amish friend makes cheese all the time and she laughed at me when I said I wanted to try making it too.  She said it’s cheaper to buy at Wal-Mart. 

We made soap too.

Cut into bars and curing.

There was also a lot of this:

Doesn't Maddy look angry?!


Chicken Girl March 9, 2011

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In you go, ladies.

Yes, she's inside the coop.