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And The Worst Mother Award Goes To March 3, 2011

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Me!  I took Jack to find new baseball pants, sliding shorts, and cleats today.  Not an easy feat in this town, but I did it anyway.  I love a challenge.  And I had an exceptional coupon for the local sports store. 

The sales girl gets out the foot measuring thingy and Jack happily (mm, hmm) allows his foot to be sized.  Turns out the Boy needs a size 8 and 1/2.  And his current shoes are a size 6.  Nice.

Jack is a very particular boy and I figured he would alert me when his shoes were feeling too snug.  I even ask about it occasionally too.  He alerts me to every other conceivable problem we might face such as the possibility of running out of batteries, reminding me to pay back the $.50 I owe him, keeping the shoes off the utility room floor, or making sure I remove the plastic packaging BEFORE I put the cardboard in the burn barrel.    But I guess his pickiness is localized to untidy closets, dishes left in the sink at night, and beds with untucked sheets.  Too small of shoes isn’t good picky material. 

Maybe I need to check out his closet and his drawers.  Maybe all of his clothes are too small.  How would I ever know because he wears the same two outfits over and over again.  Makes for simple laundry, I guess. 

Jack:  He’s a special one.


One Response to “And The Worst Mother Award Goes To”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    So funny. But don’t feel too bad. I just ordered two pairs of shoes. One pair fit perfectly in size 7.5 regular width. The other pair I could not even insert my foot into – when I finally got the size to fit me it was 8.5 wide!

    Still I know it is probably Growing Boy Syndrome. We have that here as well. Jeans I got for Nick for Christmas are just about too short…

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