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Farm Girls March 4, 2011

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NIght, night, chicken.

Images from last night:  Madeline’s evening chores are putting the goat up for the night and making sure all chickens are in their coop.  Last night Sarah helped.

Looking for a renegade chicken.

Jump, Lisa, Jump!

Telling Sarah to stay out of the way when she lets BG (Billy Goat) off his chain.

Sarah walked all the way back up to the house, carrying an egg carefully, only to drop it as she handed it to me in the kitchen.  No use crying over dropped eggs!


One Response to “Farm Girls”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    Awww!! Poor little pumpkin! Was she upset that she dropped it? I can see her little face so proud to be a big helper, then so sad because she dropped it!!

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