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Covert Flower-Stealing Operation March 21, 2011

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Abandoned house?  Check.

Car running and ready to speed out of there?  Check.

Willing accomplices who can run fast?  Check.

Oh yeah.  We are THAT kind of family.  Now if we could only find an abandoned house that grew lilac bushes…..


One Response to “Covert Flower-Stealing Operation”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    There is nothing wrong with teaching your children to pilfer flowers from abandoned houses! Nobody else is enjoying them! Drew and I do it all the time!! We have stopped on the side of the highway to pick flowers before! On I-5 on the way to Albany there are TONS of daffodils!! I have at least 5 lilac bushes in MY yard alone!! Pink, lavender, dark purple and white. I wish they would hurry up and bloom!!

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