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Soup’s On March 25, 2011

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Yesterday was a bad day.  Like a totally crap day.  I woke up to a chicken massacre in the yard.  Then both my dryer AND my clothesline broke.  And there were wet, clean clothes in the washer.  My refrigerator lightbulb burned out and then my bathroom light burned out.  My car is making a clunking noise and there was no food in the house (or so I was told).  I yelled at the kids too much and was generally an impatient witch all day long.  Even into the night.  I was not looking forward to waking up this morning.

But this was waiting for me:

Chicken-killing sucker.

Jack set his traps last night and caught this ENORMOUS raccoon.  I, armed with a club, walked down to him (the coon, not Jack) and explained that due to his appetite for fresh chicken, he would soon have to meet his demise.  He sat there patiently, blinking obstinately at me.  I told him that I didn’t appreciate his bad attitude.  And then Jack shot him.  I can’t say I was sad. 

I think I’ve lived here too long….


3 Responses to “Soup’s On”

  1. Grandma Says:

    I am glad you caught the rascal but where there is one there is probably another. Hope things are going good from now on in all ways.


  2. Oh my goodness. You’re becoming a local.

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