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Funny? Maybe. March 29, 2011

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So this evening I’m sitting in my chair, feet up, knitting.  Sarah walks over and starts messing with my feet, which are covered with a pair of ratty slippersocks.  I tell her, “Eww, yucky feet.”  She bends down and sniffs my feet and then VERY CLEARLY says, “Ewww, dog crap.”  Plain as day my baby said dog crap.  Madeline and I sat there, stunned and unable to process the words.  Then again Sarah says, “Yucky feet.  Dog crap.” 

Now I do believe that I can pinpoint the origin of those words.  Whilst vacuuming the house on Monday morning, Jack was complaining that my vacuum smelled like “dog crap.”  Then Madeline agreed with his assessment and said that her room now smelled like “dog crap”  because of the offensive vacuum.  I guess Sarah was paying attention. 

The vacuum very well could have smelled badly, though I’m not sure that the kids’ description was totally accurate.  I had washed all of the filters this weekend and (evidently) put the vacuum back together with damp, musty filters.  I’ll have to vacuum tomorrow and report back with an up to date smell report.


One Response to “Funny? Maybe.”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    THAT is beautiful!! Oh the things she will learn as the ‘baby’ of 4 children!! I do speak from experience! I can clearly remember certain phrases and words that you older kids said that I didn’t quite understand. Then later in life when I learned what it meant, I would flash back to the times I had heard you guys saying it and think “Oh so THAT is what they were talking about”!! Being the baby is a unique experience for sure!!

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