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Baseball Tonight. April 5, 2011

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Jack’s first game of the year.  He pitched all 6 innings and won, 8-3.  He struck out 11, walked 1, and gave up 3 runs.  Or something like that.

Baseball for Jon tomorrow night, ball for Jack on Thursday, and ball again for Jon on Friday.  I know where my evenings will be spent for the next several months.  Anyone want to babysit?


7 Responses to “Baseball Tonight.”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    Holy cow!!! He looks like a pro out there and THOSE STATS!!! Bill must be so proud!!! Nice job boys!! Glad someone is able to actually play this time of year!!

  2. Grandpa J Says:

    Good job Jack!
    Grandpa J

  3. Go Jack! Wow – what a great photo!

  4. Imogen Says:

    Well done Jack! Wish I could come watch

  5. Grandma Says:

    You not only did really well you look really good. Love you

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