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Warm Weather. And Clothing is Optional. April 7, 2011

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Ready, set,...


It was very windy Monday night. Oh, and the duct tape is a bracelet, don't you know.

Today we will, hopefully, get Sarah’s Big Girl bed makeover underway.  Not sure exactly what we’ll be making, but it’ll probably be sheets, pillows, decor, and a little side table for her books and stuffed animals. 

All of this will need to be completed along with laundry, school, house cleaning, a wee bit of grocery shopping, baseball (AGAIN), and chicken wrangling that cries for attention.  Oh, and some cooking too–naturally.  I’m sorta exhausted just looking at my list. 

Have a lovely day!

Anyone who is interested in cloth diapers:  This diaper cover is by Biobottoms.  It’s wool and absolutely the best cover ever!  It’s nearly too small for Sarah but they’re out of business and finding a larger size is hard.  Can’t say enough about using wool as a cover.  Try it!


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