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The Current Score April 13, 2011

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Bill 2:  Oppossum 0

Jack 1:  Raccoons 0 

Jack 1:  Crows 0

Julie 1:  House Millipedes 0

And my favorite:  Madeline 7:  Chickens 0

I’d also like to add that Bill’s latest victory was achieved while in his underwear, at 11:00PM.  Oh yeah, we are on a killing streak this spring.


One Response to “The Current Score”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    Are house millipedes those big honkin thingies that are like 4 inches long, not including the feelers in the front? Those feelers add another good 3-4 inches right? If that is the same thing that I am thinking of, and I found one in MY house, you guys would probably hear my scream all the way in VA!!! Then I would run out of the house and not return until SOMEBODY presented me with the carcass… I may have to rent a hotel room for a while if the carcass was NOT presented to me… I have been known to overreact when it comes to bugs!!

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