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In the Navy: Part I May 3, 2011

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The USS Wisconsin: An Iowa class battleship.

Or something like that.  We made a day trip to Norfolk VA on Friday.

The G.H.W. Bush carrier. The newest aircraft carrier in the US Navy. This thing is HUGE!The back of the USS GHW Bush.


An Arleigh Burke class destroyer. I was sure that the tour guide was saying, "Early Bird class."


Amphibious transport ship. I believe it was the USS San Antonio. They fill the ship with water in order to partially submerge it and then launch amphibious vehicles out of those doors. Or something along those lines.


See that flat panel on the left? It's some fancy radar thingy that our tax dollars were used to develop that renders this ship virtually invisible to radar AND it helps the ship "think" and decide what weapon it should use to annihilate its target. This is also an Arleigh Burke destroyer. I wouldn't want to mess with one of these things.


We had the best seats on the boat: in the bow! It was a bit windy at times but we had the entire section to ourselves. Pack baby fell asleep (thankfully) about 15 minutes into the tour.

 We had the best time on this tour.  I bit pricey, but certainly worth it.  We were on the water for over 2 hours and were able to see many ships, tugboats, and historic sites along the route.  I came away with a new appreciation for our military, that’s for sure. 


2 Responses to “In the Navy: Part I”

  1. Aunt Alison Says:

    What a fun little vacation!! Lots of stuff to see on that side of the country that you would never have the chance to see over here!

  2. Grandma Says:

    We have got to hear Jon’s version of the trip.

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