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The Current Score April 13, 2011

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Bill 2:  Oppossum 0

Jack 1:  Raccoons 0 

Jack 1:  Crows 0

Julie 1:  House Millipedes 0

And my favorite:  Madeline 7:  Chickens 0

I’d also like to add that Bill’s latest victory was achieved while in his underwear, at 11:00PM.  Oh yeah, we are on a killing streak this spring.


Extreme Home Makeover: The Sarah Edition April 8, 2011

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Sarah likes to climb out of her crib.  It started with the occasional venture out, but soon became a daily (or many times daily) habit.  It was time to convert the crib (sniff, sniff) to a toddler bed and redecorate.  Yes, I know she sleeps in a closet but even a closet deserves to be redecorated.

With a goal of $40 to completely redecorate her “room” and transform it from a baby cave into a cozy toddler haven, this is what we started with yesterday morning:

A sketch and a quick trip to Walmart were all I needed to get things started.  Oh, and I had to pilfer through the attic, looking for anything that might help with the transformation.  The inspiration for the room is the quilt I made for Sarah when she was just a few months old.  My first attempt at a log cabin quilt.

Here is the after photo:

I hung a canopy from the overhead shelves, securing it with ribbons:  5 yards of fabric @ $3 per yard= $15.  Two new pillowcases:  $2 for ric-rac trim and fabric from my stash.  New dust ruffle:  free from fabric stash.  Butterfly decals on the wall:  $11 from Walmart.  Side table:  old Marion Cty. ballot box tole painted by a friend of my Mother, also free.  Rug:  swapped one out from the living room, free.  Canvas baskets for clothes (on shelves):  free, already had in attic.  All that is left is a wall pocket thingy to hang on one end of the bed for Sarah to put her books and stuffed animals in.  Sort of ran out of steam yesterday and had a baseball game to get to.  I’ll finish that this weekend and it will cost:  $4 for ribbons, $3 for fabric=$7.  A grand total of $35.  And then I spent $5 on ice cream and chocolate and made my $40 goal.  It’s all about priorities.

We have had two successful naps and one overnight success too.  Sarah says, “Ohhh, cozy!” and “Ohhh, fancy!” when she goes in her “room” now.


Warm Weather. And Clothing is Optional. April 7, 2011

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Ready, set,...


It was very windy Monday night. Oh, and the duct tape is a bracelet, don't you know.

Today we will, hopefully, get Sarah’s Big Girl bed makeover underway.  Not sure exactly what we’ll be making, but it’ll probably be sheets, pillows, decor, and a little side table for her books and stuffed animals. 

All of this will need to be completed along with laundry, school, house cleaning, a wee bit of grocery shopping, baseball (AGAIN), and chicken wrangling that cries for attention.  Oh, and some cooking too–naturally.  I’m sorta exhausted just looking at my list. 

Have a lovely day!

Anyone who is interested in cloth diapers:  This diaper cover is by Biobottoms.  It’s wool and absolutely the best cover ever!  It’s nearly too small for Sarah but they’re out of business and finding a larger size is hard.  Can’t say enough about using wool as a cover.  Try it!


Baseball Tonight, Revisited. April 6, 2011

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Baseball Tonight. April 5, 2011

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Jack’s first game of the year.  He pitched all 6 innings and won, 8-3.  He struck out 11, walked 1, and gave up 3 runs.  Or something like that.

Baseball for Jon tomorrow night, ball for Jack on Thursday, and ball again for Jon on Friday.  I know where my evenings will be spent for the next several months.  Anyone want to babysit?


You Know You’re a Mom April 4, 2011

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When you can step in a puddle of urine and not even flinch.

When you painstakingly rip out the hem to baseball pants and painstakingly restitch them WITHOUT the offending elastic in order to frugally (cheaply) save $20 on a new pair.

When you allow chickens to reside in your kitchen.

When you get up at 6:30 AM (even though you don’t have to) in order to make fresh bread for you family because it’s Healthier.

When you worry about things like rashes, runny noses, naps, and appropriate teeth-brushing habits.

When you gain, and subsequently own, an extra 15 pounds from baking (and subsequently eating) and filling a cookie jar.  And keeping it that way at all times.

When you sleep with one ear and one eye open.

This list was compiled from events that occurred between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM today.


Food March 30, 2011

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Eight, fuzzy, adorable chicks. Someone needs to keep the area vermin fed.

Sarah, with her new favorite toy: a pencil (blue or purple, please) and a piece of paper. She's writing about the new chickens in this picture. Been camped out next to them all morning.